H2S Alive/Common Safety Orient

Learn how to work safely by completing these work safe programs.

hdgH2S Alive - Enform/Energy Safety Canada Course

AHASTI is now offering the NEW H2S Alive program! H2S Alive (Enform/Energy Safety Canada Certification) This one-day course is intended for workers who work in and around hydrogen sulphide (H2S) environments, or employees who could be exposed to H2S also known as sour gas. This course is a required course for people who work in the oil field industry.

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hdgH2S Alive Renewal - Practical Skills Assessment

This blended certification renewal course is comprised of an online theory exam through Energy Safety Canada and an in-person skills assessment through AHASTI. Go to EnergySafetyCanada.com to complete the online component.

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hdgCommon Safety Orientation

The Common Safety Orientation (CSO) is intended for new workers in the oil and gas industry. With content that is driven and endorsed by industry, the CSO provides consistent safety messaging that clearly explains safe work practices and eliminates the need for redundant general orientation training.

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