Professional Responder Courses

AHASTI Profession Responder programs prepare First Responders for a career in - on site first aid for workplaces, oil site medics, volunteer fire departments and pre-hospital care fields.

hdgMedical First Responder (MFR)

Medical First Responder (MFR) is a comprehensive program for people looking to work or volunteer in the area of first response as part of fire rescue service, police service, industrial sectors, safety and security, and the many other professions that require MFR expertise.

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hdgITLS Basic Trauma

Receive hands-on training to assess, resuscitate, stabilize, and transport trauma patients. Students will require a 9th Edition ITLS manual which can be purchase from us, other secondary sellers, or borrowed from a friend or colleague.

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hdgAlberta Ambulance Operator Course

The goal of the course is to provide participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to operate their vehicle so that the vehicle, equipment, crew, and patients will be delivered safely and efficiently and the safety of the public will be assured during all phases of the delivery of Emergency Medical Service involving the ambulance.

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hdgRed Cross - EMR to AFA Bridge

This one day (8 hour) program is for those that have previously completed the Canadian Red Cross Emergency Medical Responder program or equivalent.

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hdgRed Cross - Advanced First Aid Course with BLS CPR

For those primarily designated with the responsibility as an Advanced Workplace First Aid Attendant. In some jurisdictions, this advanced first aid course is approved for pre-hospital medical first responders.

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