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Red Cross Instructor Development Pathway......

To become a Canadian Red Cross Instructor there is essentially 5 steps.

Step 1 - Evaluate Skills and Check Prerequisites
Confirm prerequisites are met: you must be 18 years or older, have a valid participant certificate for the program you wish to teach, and successfully complete a skills evaluation.

Step 2 - Fundamentals of Instruction
Complete the Fundamentals of Instruction online (approx 8hrs), and a classroom component (14 hrs 30 mins) focused on the application of fundamentals.

Step 3 - Discipline Specific Classroom Component
Attend the Discipline Specific classroom component (14hrs 30 mins), which focuses on the specific skills of that program.

Step 4 - Teaching Experience
Complete the Teaching Experience online module (30 - 45 mins) and a classroom component with the support of a Teach Experience Supervisor.

Step 5 - Certification
An electronic certification will be issued upon completion and submission of the teaching experience.

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Are you interested in becoming an instructor? Things you need to know before you register....

1. Once you have become a certified instructor, you will either need to become a Canadian Red Cross Training Partner or be employed by a Canadian Red Cross Training Partner. For more information on becoming a Training Partner please go to:
2. AHASTI does include one (1) Teach experience date with each Discipline Specific Program. Once the date is confirmed, any changes to the date may be subject to a $100 + GST new date fee.
3. The certification and course materials for the Instructor Development Program will belong to the Instructor Candidate registered in the program, not the employer (if applicable).

hdgDiscipline Specific - Psychological First Aid Instructor

The Canadian Red Cross does require two (2) Psycological First Aid Instructors to be present to teach this program. Before registering, will your Red Cross Training Partner have another instructor certified to conduct these courses?

- View the PFAI - DS Course Description
- View the PFAI - DS Course Schedule

hdgTeaching Experience Supervisor

Teaching Experience Supervisors will support and guide instructor candidates through their teaching experience and will evaluate them using competency-based criteria and feedback guidelines.

- View the TES Course Description
- View the TES Course Schedule

hdgYouth Leader

Youth Leader Program - is designed for individuals interested in becoming an Instructor for the Red Cross Babysitting and Stay Safe Programs.

- View the RC-YL Course Description
- View the RC-YL Course Schedule

hdgEvaluation Skills and Check Prerequisites

This course is for candidates who need to have their skills evaluated for a Red Cross Instructor Programs. This skills evaluation is only valid for 60 days and must be completed prior to the first in-class portion of the Fundamentals of Instruction program.

- View the Skills_Evaluation Course Description
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hdgFundamentals of Instruction

The Fundamental of Instruction is the beginning step to becoming a Red Cross Instructor. All candidates will be required to complete a discipline specific course along with completing a teach experience to gain full certification. This segment of the instructor development will focus on the role of an Instructor instructional learning techniques, how individuals learn and basic lesson planning.

- View the FOI 2021 Course Description
- View the FOI 2021 Course Schedule

hdgDiscipline Specific - First Aid and CPR Instructor

This is the Discipline Specific component in the Canadian Red Cross Instructor Development Pathway for individuals who would like to teach: CPR level A or C, Emergency and Standard First Aid, Emergency and Standard Childcare First Aid, Marine Basic First Aid and reverts for these levels.

- View the FAI - DS Course Description
- View the FAI - DS Course Schedule

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