Discipline Specific - Psychological First Aid Instructor

The Canadian Red Cross does require two (2) Psycological First Aid Instructors to be present to teach this program. Before registering, will your Red Cross Training Partner have another instructor certified to conduct these courses?


The following items are covered in this Discipline Specific - Psychological First Aid Instructor class:

  • Discipline Specific - Psychological First Aid
  • Loss, stress, and grief and how they affect us.
  • Psychological First Aid
  • How to facilitate problem-based/case study learning
  • Selecting, planning and facilitating an activity


Classroom Component (14 hrs 30 min)


The following are the prerequisite that a student is required to have before being allowed into this course:

  • ** There is NO skills evaluation required so all pre-requisites will need to be submitted along with this registration to confirm the registration.
  • 18 year of age or older
  • Current Psychological First Aid Certification
  • Completion of the Fundamentals of Instruction in the past six (6) months
  • ** if you are a current Red Cross Instructor: you will not be required to complete the Fundamentals of Instruction. Please submit your Instructor certification along with the Psychological First Aid Certification.


Become a Canadian Red Cross Psychological First Aid Instructor!

Candidates will develop competencies in facilitating case-base learning, and how to support learners in understanding a resiliency-building approach to emotional, psychological, and social wellbeing.

Red Cross has set a class minimum of 4 confirmed candidates. All course materials will be available for pick up from our course location 7 days prior. If you'd like them shipped there will be an additional fee.

Each candidate at the completion of this componenent in the Instructor Development Pathway will be required to complete the online Teach Experience Program and complete a Teach Experience at the Psychological First Aid level with a Teach Experience Supervisor. AHASTI does offer one scheduled date for this option at no charge. Any changes to this scheduled date after confirmation, maybe subject to additional fees.

Do you have questions? Please reach out Melissa at melissa@ahasti.ca

hdgCertifications Earned

Upon successful completion of this program you will have earned the following tickets:

  • Psychological First Aid Instructor valid for 3 years.

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