Professional Responder Instructor - Full Course

This course if for new instructors who are interested in teaching:
Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR Instructor, Airway Management and Oxygen Administration, First Responder Instructor, Advanced First Aid and/or Emergency Medical Responder


The following items are covered in this Professional Responder Instructor - Full Course class:

  • Skills session
  • Fundamentals of Instruction
  • Discipline Specific - Professional Responder
  • Teach Experience - AHASTI will have teach experience dates available to all AHASTI students that have successfully completed Step 4. Teach experiences will be at one of our 3 locations. Teach Experience Candidates have unto 1 year to complete the Teach Experience.


approx. 62 hours


The following are the prerequisite that a student is required to have before being allowed into this course:

  • Current certification of the course you wish to teach such as
  • Basic Life Support Instructor Only: you will need to have a current - Basic Life Support/Health Care Provider with the O2 Administration and Airway Management certification or higher
  • First Responder Instructor (does include certification for BLS Instructor) - you will need to have a current First Responder certification or higher
  • Advanced First Aid Instructor (does include BLS and First Responder levels) - you will need to have a current Advanced First Aid certification or higher
  • Emergency Medical Responder (does include BLS, First Responder and Advanced First Aid levels) - you will need to be a Licensed EMR or higher in Alberta etc. and the Training Partner would be required to meet all legislative requirements and seek approval from Alberta College of Paramedics to offer this course in Alberta. All other provinces may have other requirements for this level of certification. Please ask for more information if that applies.


Professional Responder Instructor Development Pathway:

Pre-course: Submit required pre-requisites to Lianne via email at

Step 1: Complete a skills evaluation of the skills that each participant will be certified to teach (this step is completed on day one of the program)

Step 2: Complete the Fundamentals of Instruction online component (8 hrs approx.), and a classroom component (14 hrs 30 min) focused on the application of fundamentals.

Step 3: Complete the First Aid & CPR/AED Discipline Specific Classroom Component (14 hrs 30 min), which focuses on the specific skills of that program.

Step 4: Complete the Teaching Experience online module (30-45 min approx.) and a classroom component with the support of a Teaching Experience Supervisor.

Step 5: Certification - An electronic certification will be issued upon completion. Certified Instructors can teach up to the level at which their pre-requisites qualify them:
Basic Life Support CPR
Airway Management and Oxygen Administration Therapy
First Responder
Advanced First Aid
Emergency Medical Responder (provincial legislation permits)

To maintain certification for Alberta based instructors, each instructor will be required to teach a minimum of 2 programs per certification year to qualify for recertification with one being at the level of highest instructor certification if more than one instructor credential is held.

To ensure you understand the juridical requirements for each province please contact the Red Cross Directly at 1-877-356-3226.

hdgCertifications Earned

Upon successful completion of this program you will have earned the following tickets:

  • Professional Responder Instructor - Certification is valid for 3 years. See Red Cross Program Standards for more details as to specific recertification requirements.

hdgAdditional Information

Recertification requirements may have additional requirements than the Red Cross Program Standards and it is the instructors responsibility to teach the required courses as per local authorities.

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